Communication And Cultural Diversity


Streaming that new movie or that new series on Netflix might be more harmful than you think. In this video, we tackle the evident and clear lack of awareness of how we as individuals can impact and harm the ocean from a simple act we do in our everyday lives. Follow us, as we start on this journey of a time before the internet, to the development of the internet, to how our data-driven lives in a increasingly digital era affect the ocean and the world around us today. 

Communication and Cultural Diversity book is developed for the ‘NUR1110A: Communication and Cultural Diversity’ core module that is offered to the year-one nursing undergraduates in semester-one of their undergraduate journey. The book is designed thoughtfully as it gradually facilitates students learning from week 1 to 13 of the academic semester. The weekly lessons are planned based on blended pedagogy where online lecture videos are embedded so that students can watch them asynchronously and clarify their doubts during the weekly synchronous tutorials. The tutorial sessions are planned considering community of inquiry framework so that students can experience deep and meaningful learning via social (role plays with classmates), teaching (guidance and feedback from teachers) and cognitive (analysing real-life clinical scenarios) presences.  The book introduces fundamental communication frameworks via interactive modes including embedded videos and the authentic scenarios for the role plays. The links to further readings and examples of thoughtful reflections are added as appendices to scaffold students’ learning.  

The ultimate goal of this book is to provide one-stop resource for the nursing students so that they can be better prepared in their communication skills specifically with the patients and their relatives, their future colleagues and other health care professionals. 

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