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Thai 1 SWAY for Pronunciation Practice


Thai 1 SWAY was created to help students taking LAT1201 (Thai 1) this Semester 2021-2022 to be more familiar with Thai pronunciation both conversations and reading texts in Thai 1″ Speak Thai Textbook: Chapter 1-Chapter 8. Due to time limitation in the zoom lectures, students have less pronunciation practice time for each word, each sentence, each conversation. This affects their performance during the oral tests. Therefore my Thai 1 SWAY aims to help my Thai 1 students improve their pronunciation ability and also help build up their confidence when reading/speak Thai. Without carrying a textbook around, students can listen to Thai 1 SWAY at anytime and anywhere via their mobile phone. I have been using this SWAY for 4 weeks, and the feedback is amazing as it is clearly seen that my students feel more confident when they were asked to read and perform in front of their peers during my zoom lectures.
– Thai 1 “Speak Thai Textbook” is a required textbook for LAT1201.
– Students will learn 8 chapters in the textbook.
– For Thai 1 SWAY, I have to produce 2 SWAY links: One for Chapter 1-4 and the other for Chapter 5-8 because the number of audio for one sway is limited (max 40 uploaded audio).

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