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The Kingdom of Evoan: COVID-19 Attack


As part of our DYOM, we created a physical science kit named Hygiene Heroes for the project sci@home. It is a project that focuses on providing an avenue for students from low income families to continue learning about science in an engaging way, even in this tough COVID-19 period.

We decided to shift the same content that we created, online! However, this geNiUSbook also comes with a twist, where we decided to present our science kit using a video game concept. This concept is brought across by the various pixel images included in the geNiUSbook, which was created from scratch.

Our audience (you!) will take on the role of a villager in the Kingdom of Evoan, who is about to embark on a treasure hunt to obtain their armor and weapon in order to defeat the virus COVID-19 for their Kingdom.

Through interactive experiments, questionnaires and concept videos, we hope that our audience are able to learn more about the importance of wearing masks and washing their hands with soap, as well as the scientific concepts behind them. Let’s all stay safe and stay strong in this long fight against COVID-19! 🙂

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