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The top three submissions by students for geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbooks will win these prizes:

geNiUSchannel geNiUSbooks
1st Prize S$600 S$600
2nd Prize S$500 S$500
3rd Prize S$400 S$400
20 Consolation Prizes S$200 S$200
Prizes will also be awarded for the following categories:
  • geNiUSchannel People’s Choice Award: S$600
  • geNiUSbooks People’s Choice Award: S$600
  • geNiUSbooks Best Innovation Award: S$600
  • geNiUSchannel Best Teacher Award: S$600
  • geNiUSbooks Best Teacher Award: S$600
Thanks to our sponsors, we will also be giving out 2 Surface Go 2 tablets, 5 Huawei GT2 Smart Watch and 4 Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Vouchers as prizes. A selection of winning entries will be presented in an eShowcase on 22 October 2021.


Many thanks for our sponsors for their generosity in sponsoring the prizes.