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'Stay-at-home' research lab


For my module LSM2233 Cell Biology, the emphasis is on demonstrating to students how researchers answer questions in cell biology through experimental design, and data analysis and interpretation. This is to provide a more authentic learning experience to support learning than mere describe concepts in abstract terms. To this end, we will discuss research articles that are related to fundamental concepts in cell biology. 

However, as we do not have laboratory sessions for this module, I provide here a series of videos to explain relevant techniques for students as a background to the experiments described in the research articles. This is especially important as second-year students generally have limited exposure to laboratory techniques and experimental design. I also provide an overview of what constitutes a research article to lower the barrier to reading such papers. In addition to other teaching and learning activities, this Sway will serve as a resource that I will update as I go along, depending on students’ questions and misconceptions about research questions, techniques and data analysis and interpretation.

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