Techniques for Drug Discovery Mini-project


In our module LSM3226 Medical Mycology and Drug Discovery, we incorporate a mini-project where students screen drugs or compounds for anti-fungal properties. After learning the basic manipulations, students are expected to write their own protocols to perform their own drug screens. Writing protocols for experiments is something that most students are unfamiliar with, as they are usually provided protocols during practicals for them to execute. Students are also expected to perform data analysis and interpretations on unique sets of data that they obtained from their own projects.

To support student learning, we curated here relevant videos in which we demonstrated and explained the techniques and planning needed to execute the project. While students will practise basic techniques in two initial laboratory sessions, the videos provide an introduction to the techniques, and are useful for reviewing what they learned. We demonstated how students can use Excel for calculations during reagent preparations, and how to organise their data using Excel that can help with data analysis and interpretation. As an introduction to drug screening in the industry, there are videos on an automated liquid handling system and designing protocols to run the system, which they perform during the laboratory sessions.

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