Key Dates

  • Competition entry between: 1 March 2021 and 30 June 2021
  • Register your interest to participate in the competition by 31 May 2021: Click here to register.
  • Submit your entries by 30 June 2021
  • Online Microsoft Sway workshops: Click here to register.
  • geNiUSchannel People’s Choice Award voting by NUS staff and students between: 9 August 2021 and 20 August 2021
  • Announce and notify competition winners: By 3 September 2021
  • Award presentation: 10 September 2021

What are geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbooks?

geNiUSbooks and the geNiUSchannel have been created for your educational journey. The word geNiUS is aspirational, indicating our continual quest for excellence and knowledge.

geNiUSbooks are web-based interactive books created and published on Microsoft SWAY. These interactive books can incorporate multimedia such as text, images, videos, 3D objects, hyperlinks etc. geNiUSbooks may be created by NUS staff, students and permitted users for others in NUS users to use, annotate and modify; or may be created by students for note taking or sharing purposes.

geNiUSchannel is a video sharing portal to share educational or informative video vignettes. The channel is organized
by faculties/schools, administrative units, disciplines, subjects and staff members. Videos can be scaffolded and linked, to allow knowledge to be shared in the form of interactive e-books.

geNiUSbooks and geNiUSchannel will be incorporated into the LumiNUS ecosystem.  

Within the geNiUSchannel platform, you will be able to search for keywords that have either been spoken or written.
You will also be able to take notes and bookmark the
geNiUSbooks and the geNiUSchannel videos.

Click here to learn more about the ground rules!


The aim of the geNiUSbooks and the geNiUSchannel competition is to encourage NUS staff and students to create videos and interactive books that instruct, or educate the viewer, e.g., explaining a concept in an ‘edutaining’ way.

Who is eligible?

The competition is open to all NUS students and staff.
Participants can enter the competition either individually or as a team (up to about 10 members per team). There is no maximum number of competition entries.